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Why A Clear Day

A Clear Day is a blog site where I (Robin Percival) will post some of my musings about events in Derry, Ireland and the World.  Let’s see how it goes, but to begin with at least it will also host some autobiographical stuff as well as photos which I hope friends and others will find of interest.

The politics of the blog site are libertarian, socialist, republican and green.  I have a particular interest in anti-war movements and the theory and practice of nonviolence as a methodology to change society for the better.

When I came to live in Ireland in 1972, for awhile I lived with John Thorn and Jerry Tyrrell. Like me they were Christian pacifists who believed in nonviolence and were members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  Briefly we lived in 12 Princess Street until we were thrown out by the landlord, a man called Eddie Kavanagh.  We soon moved into 56 Ferguson Street (now demolished) which was owned by publican Ken Doherty, then the owner of the Casbah pub in Derry, which had a certain reputation for great bands.

I was in the bar the night a bomb was planted inside by the IRA in 1973. Fortunately I was outside when the bomb went off.

The original A Clear Day was a potpourri of writings put together by John, Jerry and myself which told our personal stories but also tried to inform our readers a little bit about nonviolence, the political issues in Ireland and Derry.

So this website might be regarded as a kind of tribute to the old A Clear Day.  It will contain my musings on topical topics and other matters.  Some of it will be autobiographical.

I am conscious that some might well regard A Clear Day as a vanity project on my part.  They’re probably right.  But vanity project or no, I hope it will be of interest to the casual visitor as well as my friends.  We shall see!

Brooke Park, Derry, July 2020
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