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Long Reads
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Occasionally I shall be posting posts/articles which are relatively long in comparison to my occasional posts.  They will include autobiographical pieces as well as articles about specific issues which I have researched or which interest me. 

Ratty goes to school

I am currently writing a series of personal memoirs.  This is the first instalment: my two years at Prior’s Court Preparatory School, at Chieveley, near Newbury, 1958-1960.


This short biography gives an overview of my life and those things which give me the most satisfaction.

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Connaught Rangers Mutiny: the Derry Connection

This is an account of the Connaught Rangers Mutiny which took place in the Punjab, India in 1920. It highlights the role of “Jim Davis” from Derry who played a leading role in the Mutiny but who has for the most part been ignored, partly because of the mystery surrounding him. The Mutiny was a protest against the brutal Black and Tans being used by Britain in their failed attempt to suppress the IRA. It is slighted edited version from that which appeared on the Facebook pages of the Museum of Free Derry in July 2020.

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